The only constant in the world is change.

Back in 2021, we realised that we needed to strengthen our team to cope with the increasingly complex changes in international content sales and billing. The Sales and Marketing departments in particular were acutely understaffed.

After an intensive search, we found someone who fits perfectly into our team, both personally and professionally.

We hereby announce the appointment of Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Thomas Schreiber as the new, second Chief Executive Officer. Thomas Schreiber will take over the position from 1 July 2024 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company.

Since 1 July 2024, Thomas Schreiber has been UBO and CEO, responsible for Sales and Marketing.

We are confident that Thomas Schreiber will successfully lead the company into the coming years with his expertise and forward-looking approach. Thomas Schreiber not only brings with him an impressive track record, but also an inspiring leader who will further strengthen our corporate culture and values.

Together, we will continue to develop innovative solutions and further expand our market presence. Our focus will be on meeting the needs of our customers even better and actively shaping the digital future of our industry more than ever before.